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3d printing has eventually evolved into a huge opportunity for creative people to create your own world of imaginative creatures into reality. The process of 3d models online consists of different levels of designing and printing. Designers not only work on their skills to become pro in using different types of complicated software but also in different technologies.

So I guess it literally makes sense to feel off track, especially when it comes to designing a 3d model which is completely flawless.

But don’t worry! What are we here for, let’s enlighten you up with some of the most common mistakes that one must avoid while designing their 3d models online.


•    Never ignore the guideline made for the materials to be used


It is always suggested to choose the right kind of material before you start with your 3D printing. The main reason behind this is that there is a humongous range of materials available for this process which may vary from nylon to ceramic and the list goes on and on.

There are many qualities of the material which must be kept in mind before choosing it for the printing process like that of solidity, flexibility, stiffness, etc.

 Selecting an appropriate type of material is the building block of 3d printing, which must be taken seriously.



•    Ignoring the facts of printing technology


After you have selected the type of material, the other important step that one must consider is to check the printing technology, before you start your modeling process. The main reason why this step should be taken seriously is that different types of materials need different types of technologies.

For an instance, lost wax casting can be easily done for printing on valuable metals.


•    Ignoring wall thickness


The thickness of the object is one such important aspect that one should consider because if the wall is very less then it may be tough for the developer to print small parts. While on the other hand, if the wall is very thick, it may lead to breakage of the 3d model.


•    Ignoring the resolution of the object

Before starting with the further process of 3d printing one must keep in mind to go through the guidelines, provided for the resolution of the object. STL is the format which is widely used by the developers to save their 3d designs. Always make it a point to check your resolutions before exporting it as too high or too low resolution can be an issue.


Final Notion!

Printing 3d models online is not that easy as it seems to be but a bit of practice can make you good at it, all you need is to require some skills related to different printing technology and some knowledge when it comes to the type of material which must be used while you prepare to print your 3d model. Always make sure to go through the guidelines before you start with the procedure.